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Rose Chutney




When receiving guests, with our tasteful rose chutney you will definitely serve something that you can show off with. We produced the chutney especially for you, from our best organically grown edible roses, with a few natural additions and a hint of pepper. No matter how unprepared you are. In an instant, even your most spontaneous visitors will feel pampered by you, with this delicious chutney, a beautiful cheese and a good wine in your fridge. A bit from you and a bit from us ;-)

Tip: Serve it with a drink on a spicy old cheese, brush your meat with it during a grill or barbecue party, or use it on yoghurt for breakfast.

Content: 100 ml chutney per jar
Flavor / fragrance profiles: soft-sweet with a hint of black pepper
Shelf life: long-term, provided that it is well closed and kept in a cool place