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Edible Roses (rose mix)



Let this wonderful mix of organically grown big edible roses surprise your scent and taste buds. We have cultivated them with care so that your nose and mouth enjoy the intense scents and surprisingly soft flavours of our roses. Use the roses as a natural fragrance, colour and flavouring in any dish. The composition per shell can vary. Each shell of four roses contains two to four different types of roses, each with a different taste and scent profile.

Tip: Process the roses in salads, dressings and sauces or make ice cream with them.

Content: 4 big roses, with 2 to 4 types of roses per PET shell
Flavor/fragrance profile: Incredible Lemon, Incredible Exotic, Incredible Delight, Incredible Sweet, Incredible Spicy, Incredible Delicate or Incredible Fruity
Shelf life: 7 days, if properly sealed and kept in a cool place