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We are cheerfully counting down. Expo Houten will be soon opening the doors for one of the latest additions to our collection: rose syrup. September 30th and October 1st we will be revealing our wonderful syrup at the 30th edition of Vakbeurs Foodspecialiteiten! The international trade fair on food specialties for entrepreneurs who want to work with only the very best products. 

What made us think that the food market is waiting for our rose syrup? Well, our brand new rose syrup is a great innovative catch on the Dutch market for food specialties. This new product from Dutch soil has many uses and is made from organically grown rose petals. Of course we made sure that it contains pure and natural ingredients only.

You will have to smell and taste it, to know it. Our syrup has a very soft-sweet rose scent. Your mouth will be flavoured with sweet roses and a touch of sour lemon. But be aware that even though the syrup has a very sweet taste, it contains so much less sugar than a normal syrup does.

Can we tell you how we make our rose syrup irresistibly tasty and what ingredients we use to do that? Of course we can! The rose petals are harvested from organically grown rose plants that grow in Dutch greenhouses. The leaves are processed in a mixture of water, sugar and lemon juice. We wait just as long as needed to let the taste of the leaves enter the syrup. The syrup is put in bottles and then has a long shelf life. It sounds easy, now doesn’t it? But to make it like we do it, you will have to have the touch that we can’t give away just like that. And also you will have to become best friends with our friends from EerlijkNL, to know the whole thing. But don’t bother. Our secret is safe with them 😉

Now what can you do with our rose syrup? There’s so many things. For instance you can enjoy it’s nice soft pink color and sweet rose flavor in champagne, prosecco or non-alcoholic mocktails. You can eat it in your yoghurt or use it on your ice cream as a seasoning. Don’t forget to finish it up with fresh rose petals as a decoration. But maybe the most fun thing is that you can let your children taste roses in their lemonade. They will be astonished. They will love it. And that’s a promise!

While we are preparing to attending the trade fair next week Monday and Tuesday, we are also eager to meeting you. Do drop by stand 0.22 and say hi!